The Battle for Bangalore has begun! Bangalore FOSS Community is celebrating Feb(2nd half)-March(1st half) 2006 as FOSS Month. There will be Seminars, Talks and Workshops organised by Students of Bangalore.

First Meeting[edit | edit source]

We are meeting at Coffee Day in Cunningham Road on Friday 27th Jan at 6pm to discuss the strategies for the event. Minutes here

Goals of the event[edit | edit source]

  • To extend reach of FOSS to more students
  • To build a strong FOSS community of students
  • More interaction between FOSS communities in various campuses
  • More FOSS developers from students

Organisation of the event[edit | edit source]

The entire event is organised by students together but spread across campuses [eventlets :-) ]. Each campus will have a co-ordinator from another campus. The co-ordinator works closely with hosting college to arrange for speakers, halls etc. Students in each college is encouraged to participate in as many eventlet as possible.

The participating institutions are[edit | edit source]




If you want your institute to be a part of this campaign join the mailing list and tell us so.

Co-Ordinators[edit | edit source]

  • List of Volunteers (If you would like to volunteer add your name to Volunteers page)
  • Those Co-Ordinating the event

Saptagiri College of Engineering[edit source]

Nitin Kumar(SCE)

Mount Carmel College[edit source]


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