MCC is participating FOSS Month 2006.

FOSS at Mount Carmel College[edit | edit source]

The event website is

A proposal

I am afraid all the information here is in a tentative stage, partly pending approval from the community, and partly pending some formalities with regard to the college administration.

Anyway, here are some quick details:

Proposed Date : February 17, 2006 [Friday] Proposed Time: 0900 - 1700 Proposed Agenda: We hope to fit five talks in the one day that we have. Each talk can easily be alloted a time slot of 75 minutes, of which 15 minutes can be devoted to a discussion session. (Note: I am not sure if we're supposed to make any suggestions regarding the content of the talks. For the record, however, as far as we are concerned, they can be about anything from the Game of Life to writing hacks for Mambo - as long as everyone's having fun...)

Well, the student community and the faculty here are really looking forward to this. It will be wonderful if the 'tentative' disclaimer can eventually be removed.

On a side note, there was some talk of using college workshops as a means to distribute certain DVDs. It will be rather nice if the undergraduate and graduate departments can each have one copy of the DVD if possible, so that we (= students) can get a sneak peek at it.

Thank you!

Co-Ordinators[edit | edit source]

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