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Saptnet is the technology forum of SCE. Its main goal is to develop something new and innovative and to give the student a platform from where they can jump in the world of creativity .Many students in this college are working on projects related to FOSS ..

Sapthagiri College of Engineering is participating in FOSS Month 2006 celebrations. A lot of talks ,BOF sessions and lot more is going to come ... so see you all there at sapthagiri in the month of FEB

The Sapthagiri College has a very active mailing list

Nitin-- 07:39, 27 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Scheduled Talk[]

Topics: -

  • Session 1 Introduction to Foss.By Vivek Juneja
  • Session 2 Foss and its demand in the industry-By Abhash Abhinav.
  • Session 3 A Talk on Python- By shrekant Iyer.
  • Session 4 A talk on ALAX- By Kushal Das.

Date:20-02-06. Time-1:30 to 4:30 Place- Seminar Hall,Sapthagiri College of Engg.

Road Map To Reach There[]

Please view

IF you are coming from Bus you will get 253 series busses and 250 series busses.take them get down at BONE MILL stop ,the college is just 100 meters from there ,thats walkable distance...

If you are coming on your own vehicle ,Take the tumkur road (NH 4),there is a crossing called Jalahali cross,after reaching there take the road that goes to tumkur,the next signal after this crossing is called 8TH MILE and there is a reliance building on the right side,take the right turn and head straight on the road called Hessarghatta Road,after driving for three KM you will reach Bone mill stop ,just after bone mill you will find Sapthagiri college of engg. on the right hand side.Its looks somewhat like a resort that the sign that you have reached there.

if you need any help you can call Nitin-9886249057.


    • Nitin Kumar ( SCE)
    • Nirmal Thacker ( BMS)
    • Srivatsa V ( MSRIT)