GLUGC FLOSS Meet 05 Edit

It had 4 speakers and 3 talks. More than 180 delegates showed up and it was a great success. Event website

Floss meet 05


[...] I started with an introduction of FOSS, and ended with an overview of FOSS in India. Hopefully, I will have made things clear enough to people to get them excited and (more importantly) involved. Lots of questions after the talk, so I am hopeful that the talk was useful to the 100+ people in the audience. [...]

[...] Soon, Pradeep and myself took over the stage and we started asking the students about what their previous programming experience and what they are interested in. Almost all students knew C++ and didn’t know Perl. So, yaay! They hadn’t been spoilt by Perl and we knew it would be exciting to introduce them to a clean language like Python to C++ students. [...]

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Python workshop at NIT Calicut

Talk at FLOSS Meet tomorrow

Trek at Thusharagiri

[...] I’m back from Calicut after giving a talk on Python @ NIT Calicut’s Free/Libre Open Source software meet. Me and Swaroop talked about Python for nearly 3 hours. Going by the number of questions that were asked and the students approaching us to talk in the lunch break, I’m sure there are a new bunch of Pythonistas in Calicut :) This was my largest audience so far with nearly 150 people comprising of students and staff. [...]

[...] Back from the Floss meet at NIT, Calicut where I gave a presentation on BSD titled - The Devil's Side of OpenSource. At the start of the talk there were < 5 in the audience who were aware of BSD, the number should now be > 125 at least. :) [...]


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