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Campaign in Karnataka[]


It was a big boost for the swatantra software movement in Karnataka and specifically in Bangalore when Etv Kannada expressed their interest in doing a news story on the free software movement here. We felt that the best place to exemplify our efforts would be among the students' community. We choose BMSCE as the ideal institution because of the *very* active *Libre Software Users Group* there.

Both the management and students of BMSCE were enthusiastic and ensured that no efforts were spared.

Special thanks to Mr. GN Mohan(Head of operations, Etv Kannada), Ms. Sreeja VN (Sr. Reporter, Etv) and Mr Jashwa (the Camera operator).

News Story on Etv Kannada[]

The news story was scheduled for 8:30pm on the 28th(Saturday) of April, 2007. Right from the morning promotions were aired every hour during the hourly news.

The news story was well focussed. It highlighted the Free Software Movement as a war against proprietary software and for the freedoms of the computer users. A war that is being fought by the free software activists and the students' community. The main concepts that were aired were:

  1. the high costs of proprietary software vs. free-to-reasonable costs of swatantra software.
  2. the necessity to localise the computer to the mother tongue in order to bridge the digital divide.
  3. benefits to the students' community by adopting free software.
  4. the demonstration of Beryl appeared to be the central point of attraction :-)

Etv on swatantra software[]

The free software community congratulates Etv for migrating (slowly but steadily) to the free software platform. We extend all support that is required for a complete transition.