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Developers' Conference 2013: Excel 2013, Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi[]

We are glad to inform you that we are conducting a Developers' Conference in association with ICFOSS as a part of Excel 2013, the national level  techno-managerial festival of  Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi. The conference aims to bring together the ideal minds at a common platform and share about their contribution or interesting attributes in Open Source Software Technologies.

Event Details:Date of the event: 26th September, 2013

As a part DevCon'13, 4 professional speakers (presently non-college students) and 2 student speakers (college students) will be shortlisted from the entries that we receive by the Advisory Board.

Please go though the proposal submission format given in the website and do revert back to us in case of any queries.


Jishnu V Nair

Conference Manager, Excel 2013


National Conference on Open Source Software -NCOSS'09 May 25th - 26th, 2009

NCOSS - 2009 is being conceived of as a forum to bring together the various groups working on developing Open Source Applications catering to specific domains in the ICT world, including education, health, accessibility, localisation, e-commerce, disaster  management, expert systems, machine learning, etc. A number of high quality software solutions are available in many of these areas, for example, SugarCRM, Koha, Drupal, Moodle, Sahana, CollabCAD, etc. Work on these systems require a combination of domain knowledge and development expertise. Much of the public awareness in open source is focussed on desktop, operating system and general productivity tools. With this background, NCOSS-09 has chosen to focus on the layer above this, bringing together groups working on various application domains.

The conference will present experiences in deploying FOSS applications, comparative studies among competing software solutions, efforts in adapting and localising FOSS applications, development of new applications, etc. The conference will consist of the following:

Invited talks by experts from India and abroad

Presentation of contributed papers selected based on refereeing by a panel of referees Exhibition by industry and academia Pre conference Tutorials (on May 24th ) Panel discussion

Papers are invited on the topics listed below. All papers will be subject to external refereeing and acceptance will be subject to referee evaluation. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. We also invite proposals for tutorials.

MySQL South East Asia Road Show[]

MySQL Southeast Asia Roadshow: Bangalore (06 Nov), New Delhi (07 Nov), Chennai (08 Nov)

An exclusive seminar and networking opportunity to explore how your organization can benefit from MySQL’s future plans. David Axmark , Co-founder and Vice President, Larry Stefonic Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific President, MySQL K.K. (Japan) and Daniel Saito Representative Director of the Asia Pacific region MySQL K.K. together with OSSCube, India’s first and only Authorized MySQL Training Center and one of the MySQL Enterprise Partner will be presenting and discussing both technical and none technical aspects of MySQL. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the MySQL representatives here in Bangalore (06 November), New Delhi (07 November) & Chennai (08 November).

More details at [http:// ]

FOSS Meet@NITC 2007[]

FOSS Meet@NITC 2007 - Third edition of the event organised by glugc

FOSS in Science 4-6, January 2007[]

FOSS in Science is a national workshop being organised by the Union Christian College, Aluva, Kerala State, in collaboration with the Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) and Free Software Foundation of India (FSFI).

The three-day workshop will focus on the relevance of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in science education, scientific research and scientific computing. This is the first such workshop to be conducted in India, and is aimed at introducing FOSS to college teachers, doctoral students, research workers and others.

The workshop will have as speakers, eminent FOSS experts from leading institutions like IIT Bombay, TIFR, Institute of Plasma Research, Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Free Software Foundation of India and Geological Survey of India. Participants will also have an opportunity to get hands on experience in using some of the software that is introduced by the speakers. A CD containing the GNU/Linux operating system, along with a number of applications that can be used in scientific research, will be given to all participants. The CD may be used to install the software on any number of computers and may also be freely copied and distributed.

Debian Developers Conference 2006[]

Debian Developers Conference 2006 will be organised as a MiniConf during 2006.

FOSS.IN 2006[]

FOSS.IN is one of the world's largest and most focussed FOSS events, held annually in India. Over the years, it has attracted thousands of participants, and the speaker roster reads like a "Who is Who" of FOSS contributors from across the world.

Dates: Nov 24-26

Venue: National Science Symposium Centre, IISc, Bangalore, India

Discussion on the challenges faced by Indian FOSS Community in India.

Software Freedom Day 06[]

Foss Community of India is celebrating Software Freedom Day on September 16.

List of participating communities

FOSS Month 2006[]

FOSS Community Bangalore is celebrating Feb 2006 as the FOSS Month. The entire event is organised by students. For more details see FOSS Month 2006 page


FOSS.MCC is the premier student oriented FOSS event, to be held at Mount Carmel College on Friday the 17th of February. Check for more details. Registrations close on 15th of February.

FOSS.IN 2005[]

FOSS.IN is India's Premier and largest Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) event, bringing together thousands of participants from across India, Asia and the rest of the world.

As the natural successor to the enormously successful Linux Bangalore conferences, held in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, FOSS.IN/2005 is now a "Meta-conference" - a conference of conferences.

Register for FOSS.IN posters printed copies now! [The posters will be available at Nov 18 BLUG Meet].

We had many BoF sessions on FOSS in Education for India and people with this interest from all over India paricipated in this discussion and here is some of the ideas/issues raised in the BoFs. FOSS.IN BoFs on Education

PESIT Bangalore[]

A FOSS seminar (open Talk) was organised from 4 - 7 pm on 24th November 2005 in PESIT.

  • Session 1 Why FOSS ? / Introduction to FOSS by Tejas
  • Session 2 FOSS Development ( Tools and Applications) byAnush Shetty
  • Session 3 Intoduction to Python - Swaroop CH
  • Session 4 Debugging Tools - Shreyas
  • Session 5 FOSS in Education project - what needs to be done ? Praveen
  • Session 6 Get Jobs with FOSS! Atul Chitnis

Update: The blogs are here

See PESIT page for other FOSS activities in PESIT.

BMSCE Bangalore[]

On 24th September 2005 the FOSS Community Bangalore conducted a seminar on FOSS. The speakers were

Dilip and Praveen introduced FOSS and the advantages of FOSS. Pradyumna Sampath give a demo of glade and gtk programming. It was followed by a talk on FOSS Tools and advantages specific to students. The event was organised in association with Protocol, Computer club of BMSCE.

Read on the blogs on the seminar

See BMS page for more activities in BMS

VIT Pune[]

We in our college ( VIT Pune) have arranged FREE SEMINAR SERIES for complete 3 Days & WORKSHOPS on GNU/Linux & FOSS Tools. call GNU Jagruti 2005 (20th Sept. to 22nd Sept.).

The main attraction of the event are :

  1. Dr. Nagarjuna (scientist TIFR) Chairman FSF(FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION) India.
  2. Niyam Bhushan (Mr. Niyam Bhushan Technology Writer, Editor, Columnist and a Digital Imagery). He is going to give seminar on each of the three Days. His talk on DAY 1 @ 5:30pm has not been updated in the schedule on the website. It will be on " 7 Steps Of Software Samadhi". He is coming for this event from Delhi.
  3. On DAy 3 there are Big shots like MD/CEOs of redhat, codito, IBM.
  4. Technical seminars are to be covered by speakers from Codito,Redhat, IBM, Xandros