Debian Developers Conference 2007Edit

File:Debdevconf.in07 00.jpg
Debian Developers Conference 2007 will be conducted as Debian/Ubuntu project day in FOSS.IN/2007. Come to the Debian India Mailing list if you are interested.

Debian Etch Release PartyEdit

More details here.

Debian Developers Conference 2006Edit

Debdevconf.in06 00

Debian Stall at FOSS.IN

Debian Developers Conference 2006 will be conducted as Debian MiniConf in FOSS.IN/2006. Come to the Debian India Mailing list if you are interested.

Planning Meetup aka Debian ConclaveEdit

Conclave prasad

Prasad Kadambi on debian-in

We are meeting up at BMS College on Sunday 29th October 06 to discuss the ideas we have and finalise the plan. We will delegate tasks to different groups.

See Debian Conclave 06 for more details and registration.


Official DevelopersEdit

This list includes DDs who are

  • orginally from India and currently in India
  • originally from India and currently living outside India
  • currently living in India (or lived in India)
  1. Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan: packages
  2. John Leuner: packages
  3. Ganesan Rajagopal: packages
  4. Jaldhar H. Vyas: packages
  5. Sudhakar Chandrasekharan
  6. Manoj Srivastava: packages
  7. Kapil Hari Paranjape: packages
  8. Varun Hiremath: packages
  9. Kumar Appaiah: packages
  10. Kartik Mistry: packages

In NM queueEdit

  1. Harshavardhana Ranganath - status
  2. Soumyadip Modak - status

People Maintaining PackagesEdit

  1. Amit Shah: packages

Language CoordinatorsEdit

  1. Vivek Varghese Cherian - Malayalam
  2. Praveen A - Malayalam


  • Debian-in is a project to coordinate the integration of Indian language support in Debian. IRC: #debian-in on Freenode




Where you get stuff that can't go into debian proper (hint: codecs, flash...), updates for stable releases (backports)

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