ఈనాడు the leading telugu newspaper in its online edition is using proprietary fonts . This is hurting the users of web where many online editions use unicode fonts while eenadu prefers using proprietary font.

I mailed them asking them to use free fonts.

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Hi pavithran,

Thanx for ur concern towards

Pls follow the below given steps to see EENADU FONT in Linux Operating System: If you want to see Eenadu Font in Linux OS... 1. Download the Eenadu Font from :


2. Rename "" to "eenadu.ttf" 3. Create a folder with name .fonts in the home folder. ( If its already there no need to create. If its in hidden mode in view menu select “show hidden files”.) 4. Place eenadu.ttf in .fonts folder. 5. Go to terminal (APPLICATIONS-SYSTEM-TERMINAL) 6. Run the command fc-cache from the command prompt. 7. Restart Browser. 8. You will be able to read the content in Telugu (may be some hyphens in between the letters may appear in some browsers...)

The తెలుగు (Telugu) team of fci wikia protests agnaiist their decision to use proprietary fonts. Here is a petition to make them use free fonts

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  • pavithran sakamuri

email: pavithran-dot-s-at-gmail-dot-com

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