Some guidelines we have identified in an intra college discussion to evaluate the projects were:

  1. We could be looking at precisely the "contribution" and its worth in the contemporary scenario (relevance and significance).
  2. We could also be looking at *ability to communicate* with development team, whose members are scattered - for which proof has to be produced (that will inspire other students, if the dialogues are simple)
  3. We could look at *tools* and/or modified tools that were used for the work
  4. We could also look at the fact whether the work is available in GPL (we are rewarding Free Software - not restricted/proprietary applications developed using Free Software).
  5. Identify possible domains(broadly applications and system level) and classify projects to make evaluation easier and better.

The work now in pending is this

  1. Publishing of a potential list of tools or softwares which are available open (or identify the FOSS tools).

A list of possible tools can be of a variety of types,

    1. Operating Systems
      1. GNU/Linux
      2. GNU/Hurd
      3. ReactOS
    2. Integrated Development Environments
      1. Anjutha IDE for C/C++ development
      2. Eclipse for Java
      3. K Develop
      4. Quanta Web Development Environment
    3. Database Servers
      1. MySQL Database sever
      2. PostgreSQL
    4. Web Servers
      1. Apache
    5. Support tools(CASE tools)
      1. DIA
      2. Umbrello UML modeller
      3. cvs,svn(version control systems)

(subject to discussion)

  1. Then call for registering the projects with the staffs or students in charge.
  2. Before doing this we have to prepare a detail of what should be there in the student applications (What all he/she have to specify).
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