FOSS Community India

When: 28th Aug 2007 10am to 5pm

Where: MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram

Also if you can't make it there join us on on FreeNode (drop in anytime you get time)

How to reach: (some one add directions here)


  • Taking the next step from L1X installer

There was quite warm welcome from the Free Software community including RMS himself. So how do we take it further? We will discuss about other areas we need to work for a GNU Operating System and also continue the installer effort.

  • Projects on GNU Hurd


Enter your names, if you are interested to come (there is no fee for attending)

  1. Praveen A
  2. Kiran
  3. Raghesh A
  4. Vikram Vincent on
  5. Micheal Banck on
  6. Thomas Schwinge on
  7. Michael Casadevall on