This year we plans to Organise a software freedom week from September 20th to 27th by linking multiple programmes in multiple venues.

some key days in this time span

  • September 20th : Software Freedom day
  • september 24th : World day against software patents
  • September 27th : 25th anniversery of GNU Project

Confirmed eventsEdit

Confirmed events with dates

  • 20th September : SFD at Christ University
  • 25th September : BMSE SFD Celebrations organised by BMSLUG and SUN Club
  • 27th September :RV College is Organising GNU Projects 25th Anniversery

As part of GNU's 25th anniversary celebration , few events are organized

1. Translating "Free Software, Free Society " Selected Essays of RMS in kannada Language.

2. GNU / Linux Installation Fest.

3. A small party ( cutting cake + other snacks )

  • Essay Competition for Students of Schools and colleges (Organised by FSUG-Bangalore & Centre for Internet and Society)


Plans as of GNU's Grazing meetup 6th september

  • Decided to Organise software Freedom week from 20th to 27th with multiple programmes and multiple venues in bangalore. But need to plan more on list. Focus is on increasing free software penitration and awareness. we will create a single invite with all programmes
  • A state level essay competition on software freedom ( to be conducted at two levels ). It can be in the banner of FSUG-Bangalore and CIS. CIS is sponsoring Prizes, and publicity material for it. Renuka Prasad took the responsibility in organising it
  • Software Freedom Action Kit. Abhas & Dreeproot will Prepare a Software Freedom Action Kit
  • CCC (Community Computer Centre) will organise an SFD programme. Senthil will update the details
  • We need to organise Programmes in colleges. Ask Colleges like BMS, Christ, St.Josephs, RVC etc with good amount of free software volunteers and awareness to Organise their programmes. FSUG can provide expertice
  • We need to Identify few more new colleges this time
  • Try to bring sun's SFD programmes in our platform. But we should make it clear that they must acknowledge free Software projects.
  • Explore the possibility of SFD Programmes in Corporates. Possible suggessions are IBM, Cisco etsc. senthil will explore this
  • Edwin and Anivar took the responsibility of organising an SFD event for NGOs. Edwin will also check the possibility of pushing a session Free software and humanrights in some humanrights workshop in 20-27 period
  • We need to add Document Freedom angle, GNU Project's 25th anmniversory, Software patents etc to most of the possible programmes.
  • Vidya will Organise a SFD programme for a blinds Organisation. Anivar is willing to give a trainig on free software for blinds.
  • Install fest in some central location with power acess. suggest the places
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