Students and Mentors from India participating GSOC 2008

India is in 2nd position among the top 10's for GSOC 2008

Selected Students[edit | edit source]

  1. Siddharth Prakash Singh, Automated Update Routine for Mapbender, OSGeo
  2. Sarath Laxman, PiTiVi, Fedora Project
  3. Gurpartap Singh: Revamp Drupal's help system mentored by Dmitri Ariel Gaskin , Drupal
  4. Sumit Kataria: OAuth Integaration with ServicesAPI mentored by Rob Loach , Drupal
  5. Anshu Prateek: OpenID Attribute Exchange implementation/integration mentored by James Walker , Drupal
  6. Mobin M, All Indic Language Themes and Improvements in Tuxtype, Tux4Kids Project, mentored by Sreerenj B
  7. Sreyas K, Additional Features to Tuxtype , Tux4Kids Project, mentored by Prince K Antony
  8. Ranjith Babu Kannikara, Zope Project, mentored by Sidnei da Silva
  9. Krishnanunni, Full Text Search Implementation for the content management system, Bricolage, mentored by Vivek Khurana
  10. Madhusudan C.S, GNU Hurd : GNU/Linux compatible procfs pseudo-filesystem, mentored by Olaf Buddenhagen
  11. Santosh G Vattam: A Pure Component Kernel Design and Development, ES operating system
  12. Divya: Gnowser for GNOWSYS
  13. Arindam Ghosh:Internationalization setup for OSM web pages and map tiles
  14. Subhodip Biswas: Improved GPS workflow In Java Open Street Map Editor or JOSM
  15. Sunil Kumar Ghai: Integration of LLMNR Protocol in Avahi, GNOME
  16. Siddhant Goel: Debug(fg) and Tab-completion features for Supervisor, PSF
  17. Sudharshan S: Open Device Daemon for FreeRunner/Neo1973 complying with specs
  18. Akarsh Simha: Optimising loading and painting of stars in KStars
  19. Ganesh Vijayakumar: Improved scalability in pbsdcp scatter implementation
  20. Arun Tejasvi Chaganty: Integrating Vim with Anjuta
  21. Arnold Joseph Noronha: Google Reader Integration with Liferea
  22. Thejaswi Puthraya Rewrite the Django Comments Framework : Django-Newcomments Mentor Jannis Leidel
  23. Chintan Rao H: Digital Searching for Boost-C++ mentored by Rene Rivera
  24. Sanjiv Singh: ToscaWidgets Library for OpenLayers and jQuery, TurboGears
  25. Saurabh Gupta : Speech recognition facility for open moko
  26. Sri Prasanna. K. : Address Hierarchy Support for OpenMRS mentored by Kayiwa Daniel
  27. Nakul Ganesh S: Advanced Media Manager mentored by deborah susan clarkson, Joomla!
  28. Sumit Kataria: Integrating OAuth open protocol with ServicesAPI to make it more secure and risk free mentored by Rob Loach , Drupal
  29. Anshu Prateek: OpenID Attribute Exchange implementation/integration mentored by James Walker, Drupal
  30. Akshat Gupta: PHP Bindings for Cairo mentored by Anant Narayanan , PHP
  31. B Ashwani: Improve OOXML support mentored by Kamran Khan, AbiSource
  32. Robin Anil: To implement Complementary Naïve Bayes and Expectation Maximization algorithm using Map Reduce for Multicore Systems mentored by Ian Holsman, ASF
  33. Milinda Lakmal Pathirage: Ajax-based Monitoring Console for Apache ODE mentored by Tammo van Lessen, ASF
  34. Dinesh G: Accepting and Searching Code mentored by RustyRussell, CCAN
  35. Balaji Rao mentored by Michael Brown, Etherboot project
  36. Leela Manoranjan: XSLT Processor mentored by Pierrick Brihaye, eXist
  37. Kulbir Saini: IntelligentMirror Proposal mentored by Seth Vidal, Fedora
  38. Shishir Kumar Goel: PackageKit Offline Use mentored by Richard Hughes, Fedora
  39. Komaragiri satya: Extending Bootchart to support SystemTap mentored by Teo Han Hui, Eugene, Fedora
  40. Sisir Koppaka: VP3/Theora Encoder for FFmpeg mentored by Michael Melanson, FFMpeg
  41. Mayur Shardul: VM Algorithm Improvement mentored by Jeffrey Roberson, FreeBSD
  42. Dhairya D Dand: Generalised Mapping Plugin for GL2 : One interface,many APIs by mentored by Justin Carlson, Geeklog
  43. Nirbheek Chauhan: "Automate It All" mentored by Stephen Anthony Klimaszewski, gentoo
  44. Nandeep Mali: Setting Beacon Afloat mentored by Anant Narayanan, Gentoo
  45. Rahul Kumar: AutoGen mentored by Harlan Stenn, GNU Project
  46. Gopala Krishna A: The GraphicsView port of Umbrello and UI improvements. mentored by Jonathan Riddell, KDE
  47. Shashank Singh: Panoramio / Wikipedia -photo support for Marble mentored by Torsten Rahn, KDE
  48. Ravish Mehra: Implementing a C++ library for per-pixel displacement mapping mentored by Karl Stiefvater, Linden Lab
  49. Akshit Sharma: New customisable theme mentored by Shane Elliott, Moodle
  50. Shishir Mittal: Online in-wiki screenshot annotator and editor mentored by David Tenser, The Mozilla Project
  51. Siddharth Agarwal: Thunderbird integration into Windows Vista/Windows Search indexer mentored by Jeff Beckley, THe Mozilla Project
  52. KishoreKumar Bairi: Streaming Enabled MySQL Driver for PHP mentored by Paul McCullagh, Mysql
  53. Kamal Sharma: Energy Saving Feature for OAR mentored by Yiannis Georgiou, OAR
  54. Ganesh Vijayakumar: Improved scalability in pbsdcp scatter implementation mentored by Troy Alan Baer Ohio Supercomputer Center
  55. Assim Deodia: Listen and Spell mentored by Dafydd Harries, OLPC
  56. Vishal Powar: Read/Write replication for OpenAFS mentored by Derrick Brashear, OpenAFS
  57. Vamshi Velagapuri: Making the AFS Servers run and be stable on Microsoft Windows by mentored by Jeffrey Eric Altman, OpenAFS
  58. Saptarshi Purkayastha: Creating a General Registration Module for OpenMRS Which Will Allow Patient Search & Registration mentored by Brian McKown, OpenMRS
  59. Rohan Anil: Face Based Authentication mentored by Alex Lau Chun Yin, Open Suse
  60. Deepank Gupta: Bibliographic Reference Parsing mentored by Terence H. Catapano, Plazi Verein
  61. Aditya Manthramurthy: Semi-Automatic parsing of geographic locations and georeferencing mentored by Robert A. Morris, Plazi Verein
  62. Anmol Khurana: An extension to the current model transformation tool in the Ptolemy framework to support imprecise matching to the user-defined graph pattern. mentored by Thomas Huining Feng, Ptolemy Project
  63. O. R . Senthil Kumaran: urilib for Python 2.6 and Python 3.0 mentored by Facundo Batista, PSF
  64. Sameer Kumar Prayaga: Connecting R and PostgreSQL using DBI mentored by Dirk Eddelbuettel, Postgresql
  65. Ajay Kumar: Develop & Integrate an API enabling 2 way communication to Sahana core via SMS mentored by Fran Boon, Sahana
  66. Atul Aggarwal: HTTP/SOCKS Proxy Support in SIP Communicator mentored by Pavel Tankov, SIP Communicator
  67. Chaminda Namal Senarathne: Implementing NAT traversal with ICE on top of Stun4J mentored by Emil Ivov, SIP Communicator
  68. Dara Nithin Kumar: OggPusher mentored by Michael Dal,
  69. Arpith Siromoney: Cloud Stream: XMMS2 + mentored by Alexander Botero-Lowry, XMMS2
  70. Sai Krishna Pendyala: Distributed XWiki Search Engine mentored by David Ward, XWiki
  71. Arpit Jain: Presentation Application mentored by Jérôme Velociter, XWiki
  72. Chaitanya S.: ZumastorFS by Daniel R. Phillips
  73. Ashish Kumar Rai: TUIO Simulator mentored by Paweł Sołyga
  74. Arunodai Reddy Vudem: Text Manipulation in TuxPaint mentored by Mark K. Kim, Tux4Kids
  75. Gautam Sewani

Mentors[edit | edit source]

  1. Sreerenj B - Tux4Kids Project
  2. Prince K Antony - Tux4Kids Project
  3. Vimal Ravi - Tux4Kids Project
  4. Vivek Khurana - Bricolage
  5. Nagarjuna Gadiraju - GNOWSYS
  6. Anant Narayanan - Gentoo, PHP
  7. Tarique Sani - Coppermine
  8. Abbas Ali - Coppermine
  9. Aditya Mooley - Coppermine
  10. Sayamindu Dasgupta - Translate Toolkit and Pootle

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