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Syllabus Review of Indian Educational Institutes to filter out Brandings[]

If we hope to make the next generation of Indian students digitally literate, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is the most logical choice. However, the syllabus in many academic institutions *mandates* proprietary software and mentions them by brand names.

This prevents teachers and students from choosing the software that best suits their needs and budgets. It makes the education system teach products not principles. And the benefits go to the owners of the brand names, not to the country, or the students or the teachers.

To bring the benefits of FOSS to Indian students, one of the first steps we need to take is to remove the proprietary bias from the syllabus.

How you can help[]

If you come across examples of brand names being mentioned in the syllabus in Primary Education, Secondary Education, Professional Colleges or Others, please bring them to our attention. If you can find a link to the syllabus, add it to the appropriate section and add information on the brand names mentioned in the syllabus.We aim to have a substantial database built up by the end of May 2008. We will take this information to education policy makers and political parties and get the syllabus changed.

Please join and see the Campaign mailing list HERE

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Getting Started[]

You can help us by collecting information for the Syllabus Review drive. This drive is intended to identify instances where proprietary software is mentioned in the syllabus. Therefore the best way to get started is to use search strings like:

<state name> primary education secondary education Windows Microsoft Word Visual Basic

When your search discovers proprietary software mentioned in the syllabus, please do add them to the appropriate section of

Or if you find it difficult for you to edit the wiki,please add it to the discussions page,or just mail to the mailing list with the details you have,so the list can help you editing the wiki.

Thanks for the support and we look forward to your contributions.

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