A lot of Groups in Thrissur are promoting free software. FLOSS advocates in Thrissur are trying to devolop FLOSS culture in and around Thrissur.


December 2008 On 4th Dec 2008, at Sahithya Academy Hall, Thrissur.


Free Software Users group (FSUG-TSR)Edit

Purpose Edit

Advocating and promoting the use of free software by providing technical assistance related to free software, bringing together free software businesses and free software users, and propagating the message of software freedom in and around the city of Thrissur,Kerala,India

FSUG Thrissur's initial thrust will be spreading awareness about GNU/Linux in nearby schools and Colleges.

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Magazine Edit

FSUG- THRISSUR is publishing a monthly magazine, named SEMAPHORE aimed at giving students and swathantra software enthusiasts a platform for sharing their experience with GNU/Linux with a wider audience

Issue 1 | Issue 2

Global Alternate information Applications (GAIA) Edit

GAIA(Global Alternate Information Applications), Founded in 2004, is a collective space for imaginative reconstruction of public sphere, new/old media practices & research, and critical cultural intervention. GAIA promotes a FLOSS culture in kerala.

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FOSS Unit, Vidya AcademyEdit

JEC FOSS CommunityEdit

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Debian Etch Release PartyEdit

Software Freedom day Edit

SFD 05 Edit

At Sahithya Academy, Thissur [unauthorized]

SFD 06 Edit

At Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur

SFD 07Edit

At Chamber of Commerce Hall, Thrissur

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Altermedia, Thrissur has published a book titled Free Software Free Society by Richard stallman. [link to Online store]