Date and LocationEdit

Date - 04-12-2008, 4th of December 2008
Location - Sahithya Academy Hall, Thrissur


Inauguration : M P Surendran Mathrubhumi
Presided over by : Prof. Manoj Kumar, HOD, CSE Dept., Govt. Engg College, Thrissur.
Talk on Politics in Free Software : K.Venu

Program scheduleEdit

It shall be a full day program with three sessions.

Session 1 - Introducing Free Software 09:30 AM - 01:00 PM

  • Philosophy behind free and Open source Software ([hiran])
  • Introduction to GNU/Linux (Mahesh, Student, MES College of Engineering)
  • Troubleshooting in GNU/Linux (Krishnan Unni, Student, Govt. Engg College, Thrissur)
  • SCIM,SMC tools and Localization (Suresh, Developer SMC)
  • Introduction to commonly used GNU/Linux tools (Jain Basil, Student, Govt. Engg College, Thrissur)
  • Compiz fusion and desktop environments (Aswin Sasidharan, Student, Govt. Engg College, Thrissur)

Session 2 - Installation 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

  • Installation demo (Devidas and Alex, Students, Govt. Engg College, Thrissur)
  • Distribute CD/DVD (BOSS, Ubuntu.)
  • Troubleshoots

Session 3 - Unconference for the free software users in Thrissur

An install fest shall be there throughout the day. Whoever brings Laptops or CPU can get available GNU/Linux Distributions installed in them

All available Distros shall be burned and provided if the media is provided or media cost is reimbursed.


The program is Open for all who is interested in free software.


Some organisation expressed their wish to support us.

  • CostFord
  • CenSE
  • P G Center
  • I C Software

To Do ListEdit

  1. Publicity - To let the news reach all nook and corner of Thrissur
  2. GNU/Linux DVD - Linux CD/DVD's are needed to be distributed during the event.
  3. Sponsorship - We need the support of some more organizations who can help us financially. Banners and stalls are invited from local stores and shops.

Expected costEdit

  • Poster 50 No's (Rs 700)
  • Participation Certificate 200 No's (Rs 1000)
  • Hall Rent (Rs 1500)
  • Sound (Rs 500)
  • Generator (Rs 500)
  • Brochure (Rs 1000)
  • Sticker (Rs 500)
  • DVD 200 No's

Pre Program MeetingsEdit

First meeting to decide on the event took place on 07-11-2008, Friday at P G Center, Thrissur. About 9 attended this program. The next meeting has been decided to be held on 14-11-2008

Second meeting took place on 14-11-2008 .

Third meeting took place on 21-11-2008.

Fourth meeting took place on 28-11-2008, Friday at P G Center, Thrissur. A final meeting shall take place on 3-12-2008.

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